Weekend in style at Cafe Royal

Ended the week with a visit to the new Cafe Royal hotel in London – a great way to start the weekend. Entering from the Piccadilly Circus end of Regent Street, where bitter temperatures and light snow did nothing to hinder London’s booming tourist trade, C&I Traveller found something of a haven.

The hotel soft-opened in December, with further rooms opening in phases for a grand launch in April, followed by meeting spaces in June.

If Piccadilly Circus is a whirlwind of glaring, blaring activity, then Cafe Royal is the eye of the storm. From the soothing reception music to the friendly but unobtrusive service, it set a great tone for a relaxing weekend in the city.

After a tour of the property – including a sneak preview of the work-in-progress first-floor meeting rooms – there was just time to relax in my Junior Suite before dinner.  Then, my plus-one and I stop off for a glass of Champagne and an amuse-bouche in the opulent Grill Room, before dinner in the hotel’s brasserie-style restaurant, the Ten Room. The menu includes tasty dishes such as suckling pig stew, and mashed potato – the perfect high-end comfort food for a snowy evening. A quick peek in the bar was in order to round off the night, where we checked out the cocktail menu but sensibly decided against sampling the absinthe cocktails.

We’re treated to a two-course breakfast the next morning, then it’s time to check out, reflecting on the fact that it’s not often one can take a trip to Piccadilly Circus and emerge feeling relaxed and refreshed, but Cafe Royal seems to hit the spot.