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A night in a Snoozebox

There aren’t many delegates that would be attracted to the thought of spending a night in a shipping container. But, what if that shipping container had three beds, an en suite and central heating? The Snoozebox concept is only a few years old but already it has sparked the interest of journalists, bloggers, and leisure travellers everywhere and now it is making moves into the world of corporate events.

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8 highlights from my first year at C&IT

Dog sledding across the northernmost town in the world

Imagine shouting ‘walkies’ to an army of 150 over-excited huskies and then trusting them to tow you through the towering Svalbard glaciers beside lurking polar bears. Terrifying, freezing and exhilarating.

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A morning on the Great Barrier Reef

We woke early and met in the reception of the One&Only Hayman Island resort and made our way down to the dock, where the hotel’s yachts sat moored in the sun. Another tremendous surprise from Ovation DMC was awaiting us when we arrived as two helicopters were stationed ready to roar into life. Where they were taking us we didn’t know but the excitement of seeing the views of the islands from 500m high was already enough to make this an unforgettable experience.

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Three of the best ways to see Sydney

Sydney by Harley Davidson

Sydney by Harley Davidson

It has been three days of surprises and luxury so far in Sydney, Australia and the itinerary, which has been expertly organised by international DMC Ovation, has allowed us to see the city from a multitude of perspectives.

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Flying down to Rio Part 2

The next part of our itinerary gave us the chance to work off some of the many calories consumed previously (there are around 300 in every caipirinha, must be all that sugar), with a leisurely cycle ride along Copacabana Beach, alongside Rio’s hundreds of joggers. We certainly admired the views – jogging outfits in the 29-degree sweltering heat were mostly swimwear, and not much of it.

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Flying down to Rio: Part 1

Brazil has been one destination I have wanted to visit for quite some time – my sister worked at a detective agency in Sao Paulo for several years but time and circumstance conspired against me visiting whilst she was there.

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The last stop before the North Pole: Part 2

The sun rose on Longyearbyen as quickly as my head had hit the pillow the night before. The dogs had definitely worn me out. I opened my curtains to a blinding welcome as the sun reflected off the snow and through my window.

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Abu Dhabi Doo!

Was this going to be a good fam?

It was 6.20am, it was early and I was a little tired after only four hours sleep as I arrived at the Etihad desk at Manchester airport, looking out for Julie from Ashfield and Louise from Incentivise. It was at that point I thought to myself th

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The last stop before the North Pole: Part 1

Having never been further north than Scotland in my life, I felt slightly unprepared before my first ever trip abroad with C&IT to Longyearbyen, Norway – the northernmost town on the planet.

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Is the Dominican Republic ready for incentives?

Whether a Caribbean conference can produce an engaged, focused audience that isn’t clock-watching until its pool time is up for debate, but if you’re looking for an incentive with sunshine and cocktails on tap, then the Dominican Republic’s appeal isn’t only limited to public school teenage runaways.

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